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What is the Competition for Hotel Facilities in Halifax?

Halifax is located in the Nova Scotia province in Canada, with more than 413,000 population in 2020. It is the primary economic and cultural core in Atlantic Canada. It is a popular traveling place famous for its national historic site and beautiful sightseeing near the harbour.

Halifax is famously known for having one of the largest and ice-free natural harbours in the world. The Old Town Clock is the symbol of the city, which was built in 1803. Halifax is famously known for having one of the largest and ice-free natural harbours in the world.

According to the statistics from Tourism Nova Scotia, "Accommodation operators across the province report 955,000 room nights sold year to date September 2020." More than 100 hotels show on the Google map, and the median cost is about $85 per night for a hotel/motel/inn. 

There is no doubt that this is a city with opportunities and challenges. The competition between the hotel facilities is intense. As a hotel owner, how will you improve your credibility and reputation to excel in the race? How will your hotel be different from others?  

We are professional Canadian hotel suppliers with over ten-year experience supplying hotels, Airbnb, retirement homes, student campuses, healthcare facilities, motels, and shelters. From our diverse clientele, we provide a boundless range of products with customized decor, bathroom and hotel accessories, LED mirrors, furniture.

Based on our analysis, here are three factors that affect your traffic significantly:

1. High-quality products
2. Feel-at-home service
3. Brand effect  

Who to Trust ?

HYC Design is a Canadian Company devoted to providing high-quality and customized bedding designs and other hospitality products comprehensively. It is a branded hotel supplier that you can't miss.

We are proud of our company for our quality, service, and exceptional on-time delivery.

Our motto, "Driven by value, Inspired by Design," is what we stand by at HYC Design. HYC Design offers your detailed product descriptions to have a decent understanding of the products and our company.

We are here to help resolve your concerns and provide professional advice. It is a win-win model for hotel owners and hotel suppliers. Order at HYC Design, you are free to personalize products to meet your hotel's style and idea. Build up your reputation and influence by having products with your brand tag.

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