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Are you seeking a hotel supplier that provides modern hotel linens, high quality bath products and a wide variety of custom designs in Oakville? Are you seeking high quality products that will make your customers want to come back? HYC Design is the #1 Hotel Supplier in Canada and aims to provide high-quality hospitality supplies and services to hotels, resorts, motels, Airbnb, cottages and a wide array of single consumers. HYC Design takes on a diverse clientele from an extensive supply of hotel daily operational textile products (OS&E) to customized decor bedding, drapery bathroom accessories, LED mirrors, furniture, and hotel accessories (FF&E).

Our reputation of providing customized high quality, long-lasting products earned us tremendous positive feedback from an extensive arrange of hotel managers and guests. At HYC Design we make sure that all of our clients have a great experience with us and receive products that are top quality.

Why Choose HYC Design?

We put customers first:

We take into account all of your concerns and select the most suitable goods for you. Our values ensure that we achieve our hospitality goals by providing high-quality items that meet your needs.

We have experience:

With over ten years of experience supplying hotels, Airbnb, retirement homes, student campuses, healthcare facilities, motels, and shelters, we are confident in our products and services.

Supporting the community:

Supporting the community is our top priority here at HYC Design. Offering our hospitality products to a wide range of locations helps hotel management create a high-quality environment for guests and enhances their stay, ratings, and profits, where everyone benefits. We care about the thoughts and opinions of our clientele with the use of our products and services. Supporting the community as a whole helps HYC Design serve their purpose in helping consumers and improving community satisfaction.

Our company is proud of its superb quality, fantastic service, and exceptional on-time delivery to Vancouver and beyond. At HYC Design, we stand by our motto "Driven by Value, Inspired by Design."

Contact Us

Here are numerous ways to contact us here at HYC Design. Don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, concerns, and common questions, our Customer Service Specialist will be happy to help.

Send an email to order@hycdesign.com to place an order and send an email to info@hycdesign.com for any comment or inquiries you may have. Our hours of operations are open from Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Call our unit Toll-Free at 1-(844)-604-6118 or our Tel:(416)-661-0606.

HYC Design Products 

  • Ideal 200TC Sheet
  • Premium 250TC Sheet
  • Deluxe 250TC/300TC Sheet
  • Luxurious 300TC Sheet
  • Fitted Waterproof Mattress Pad
  • Fitted Elastic Skirt Quilted Mattress Pads
  • Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector
  • Waterproof Encasement Mattress Protector
  • Hospitality Duvet
  • Premium 3D Sleep Comfort Duvet
  • Deluxe 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet
  • Luxurious White Goose Down Duvet
Massage Sheets Wholesale Canada
Massage Sheets Wholesale Canada
Massage Table Sheets Canada
Massage Table Fitted Sheets
Massage Table Sheets Bulk

Spa Linen wrinkle-resistant - Massage Table Sheets

$ 15.99
Light gray

Solid Color Premium Fitted Sheet - 90gsm Microfiber

$ 20.99
Perfect Collection Fitted Bed Sheets (190 Thread Count Microfiber)
Perfect Collection Fitted Bed Sheets (190 Thread Count Microfiber)

Perfect Collection Fitted Bed Sheets (190 Thread Count Microfiber)

$ 29.99