Best Hotel Supplier in Richmond Hill 

Looking for a hotel supplier in Richmond Hill? HYC Design is one of the top hotel suppliers in Canada. We offer a wide selection of high-quality hotel products at affordable prices, allowing you to fulfill all your hospitality demands. HYC Design takes on a diverse clientele from an extensive supply of hotel daily operational textile products (OS&E) to customized decor bedding, drapery bathroom accessories, LED mirrors, furniture, and hotel accessories (FF&E).

Our reputation of providing customized high quality, long-lasting products earned us tremendous positive feedback from an extensive arrange of hotel managers and guests.

Our Products

We offer hospitality products such as towels, linens, blankets, bedsheets, shower curtains and more. Within the many categories of products we have a number of different models and varieties that range in price while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Your Satisfaction is our Pleasure 

At HYC Design, we value each of our customers; we feel that it is not only our obligation but also our pleasure in making sure that our customers are satisfied.

Supporting the Community 

Supporting the community is our top priority here at HYC Design. Offering our hospitality products to a wide range of locations helps hotel management create a high-quality environment for guests and enhances their stay, ratings, and profits, where everyone benefits.
We care about the thoughts and opinions of our clientele with the use of our products and services. Supporting the community as a whole helps HYC Design serve their purpose in helping consumers and improving community satisfaction.

No Job is too Big or too Small 

Whether you may come from a small inn or a large hotel chain, we always give customers our full care and attention. HYC Design supplies all kinds of hospitality businesses, including inns, hotels, student dorms, hospitals, and more.

How to Contact Us

Here are numerous ways to contact us here at HYC Design. Don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, concerns, and common questions, and our Customer Service Specialist will be happy to help.

You can send an email to to place an order and for any comment or inquiries you may have. Our hours of operations are open from Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Call our unit Toll-Free at 1-(844)-604-6118 or our Tel:(416)-661-0606.

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