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Basic Hotel Pillow: Affordable Comfort for a Restful Sleep

Basic Hotel Pillow: Affordable Comfort for a Restful Sleep


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Our Basic series represents the most cost-effective, hotel-grade pillows available in the hospitality industry. Fitted with a smooth and soft microfiber cover, and packed with supportive, breathable polyester fillings, these pillows ensure reliable comfort. They adeptly contour to your head, neck, and shoulders, providing restful sleep to rejuvenate you after the day's physical and mental exertions.


    1. Product: Basic Series Hotel Pillow
    2. Cover Material: Microfiber
    3. Filling Material: Breathable Polyester
    4. Sizes: Standard (20x26"), Jumbo/Queen (20x28"), King (20x36")
    5. Styles: Regular, Firm
    6. Features: Cost-effective, Supportive, Breathable, Comfortable


    • Personal Use: The Basic Series Hotel Pillow provides an affordable, comfortable sleep experience, making it a perfect choice for budget-friendly, home-use bedding.
    • Retail: This cost-effective pillow can be an appealing option for customers seeking affordable, hotel-grade comfort.
    • Airbnb: Equip your Airbnb with our Basic Series Hotel Pillows to provide a restful sleep for your guests without straining your budget.
    • Hotel/Hospitality: These pillows are an economical choice for hotels and hospitality businesses looking for a blend of comfort and affordability.
    • Business: Ideal for businesses in the hospitality industry, the Basic Series Hotel Pillow offers cost-effective comfort that caters to diverse guest needs.

    Product Care

    1. Cleaning: Spot clean with mild detergent. Thoroughly dry in a well-ventilated area.
    2. Fluffing: Regular fluffing helps maintain the pillow's shape and comfort.
    3. Protection: Use a protective pillow cover to shield against dirt, oils, and stains.
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