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London, Ontario is proudly known as The Forest City and is home for nearly 400,000 people. A hub for medical research, technology and so much more. Are you seeking a hotel supplier that provides modern hotel linens, high quality bath products and a wide variety of custom designs in London? Do you wish to refine the customer experience, convenience, and functionality for all your hotel facilities and hospitality needs? You're in luck! HYC Design is the #1 Hotel Supplier in Canada and is dedicated to helping you carry out any hospitality request in London, Ontario.

Our Products

HYC Design offers hundreds of products for all hospitality needs, including a wide range of stock and hospitality products to choose from. We provide multiple beds and bath accessories as well as an arrow of art, furniture and window covering designs for any room customization tailored to your requests.

Our hospitality products span from hotel linen, towels, bed protectors and so much more. HYC Design products are ideal for leaving long-lasting positive impressions on clientele as good quality hospitality products make their stay luxurious, memorable, and desirable. We enjoy having all of our clients

Quality, Durability, Price & Service

We take pride at HYC Design for our value at quality, durability, affordable pricing, and friendly services. HYC Design follows through to the strictest quality guidelines for all our products in our industry of hospitality.
We are proud of our company for our excellent service, exceptional on-time delivery time and our excellent quality products. Our motto "Driven by value, inspired by design." is what we stand by at HYC Design.

We provide consistent product quality and durability with care instructions and recommendations present with every single purchase. Our prices are made affordable for every clientele to enjoy our service and remain on a budget, and our services range from customized products to interior design for motels, hotels, retirement homes, and much more!

How to Contact Us

Here are numerous ways to contact us here at HYC Design. Don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, concerns, and common questions, and our Customer Service Specialist will be happy to help.

You can send an email to to place an order and for any comment or inquiries you may have. Our hours of operations are open from Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Call our unit Toll-Free at 1-(844)-604-6118 or our Tel:(416)-661-0606.

HYC Design Products 

Basic Series Hotel Pillows
Basic Series Hotel Pillows
Basic Series Hotel Pillows - On Bed
Basic Series Hotel Pillows - White

Basic Pillow

$ 12.99
Premium Hotel Pillow-Pillows-
Premium Hotel Pillow-Pillows-
Premium Hotel Pillow-Pillows-
Premium Hotel Pillow-Pillows-

Premium Cotton Pillow

$ 19.99
Luxury Hotel Pillow-(white)
Luxury Hotel Pillow-(white)
Luxury Hotel Pillow for use

Luxury Down Pillow

$ 79.99