Ideal Swim Towel (From 24x46''-9lbs/dz)

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A good quality hotel supply pool towel is a must-have during the summer months. It’s there when you need to dry off and can even serve as a seat or a pillow when you’re changing positions as you soak up the summer sun. Our pool towels are designed specifically for your hospitality needs. Our unique dying process inhibits bleaching and fading of color.

    Additional Information

    With the Ideal Pool Towel being 100% cotton also, it provides a lot of special features, helping provide good comfort, flexibility, and durability. Having all of these features in the Towel itself, you will not be disappointed for whatever use you may need it for. We also chose the cotton material we chose for these towels so we can help you dry off and keep you comfortable at the same time.

    HYC Design designed this towels to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the robe for. Whether it's for swimming, spas, fitness use, or even lounging around the house, the Luxurious Pool Towel will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need.

    Get this product while it is in stock, with sales moving very quickly with the Ideal Pool Towel. Sizes available include 24x46" (9lbs/dz) and 26x50" (10lbs/dz). Purchases are also being available per unit, per dozen (12 Pieces), or per box (24 or 36 pieces).


    Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Sizes: Ideal Towel 24x46", 24x50"
    Qty: Per / Dozen (12)
    Color: White
    Style: Pool and Spa Style
    Weight Counted by dozen
    Use: Pool, Spa and Fitness


    This luxurious towel can help you dry off and keep you comfortable. They are not only soft but also absorbent. Its material and consistency help you enjoy your pool time!

    Product Care

    Care guide
    1. Shake Out the Pool Towel to ensure the dust and sand particles come off.
    2. Sort by material and colour.
    3. Wash on Normal Cycle to ensure all of the chlorine is removed from the towel.
    4. Check for Stains before Drying.
    5. Dry using a machine or hang them outside on a clothesline.

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