Zipper Pillow Protector Cover

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Size Pieces / Box Product Detail
Standard 72 19x26''
Queen 72
King 72



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Product Features:

1. Zipped Protection. With a fully zipped enclosure and autolocking zipper, guarantees complete protection from hazardous bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens.

2. Breathable Material. Hotel Quality Pillow protectors with zipper are super-tightly woven for maximum protection, breathability, and comfort.

3. Comfort meets Protection. With a pore size of 3-4 microns, it provides a fully breathable barrier that keeps dust mites and allergens out. This dust mite and allergy control pillow protector is made of breathable cotton for maximum comfort and protection.

4. Hotel Pillow Protector Size: Jumbo, Standard, Queen, and King size pillow protector covers are included.


-60/40 C/P
-Breathable comfort
-Machine washable
-Oeko-Tex certified
-Why do you need pillow protectors?

If users have asthma or allergies, using a pillow protector on their bed pillows at all times is a smart suggestion. Pillow protectors reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by keeping allergens out of bed pillows, allowing users to sleep better and breathe easier at night.


Size: Standard (20x26")
Jumbo (20x28")
Queen (20x30")
King (20x36")
Colour: White
Fabric: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
Oeko-Tex certified
180 Thread Count


Our Zippered Pillow Protectors are used to help keep pillows from getting stained from any liquids and increase pillow life span.

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