Waterproof Pillow Protector

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Standard 72 20x26''
Queen 72
King 72

Our Waterproof Pillow Protector is made of soft knit fabric with a revolutionary technology lamination on the back to keep liquid out, dust mites out, and bed bugs out. One of the best reasons to use these pillow protectors is that if you will no longer need to wash the pillows because of this stain-resistant waterproof pillow protector. All you have to do is throw the pillow in the dryer every now and then to keep it fresh. These pillow protectors can extend the life of your hotel pillows and are a terrific way to protect your investment. 

This hospitality grade pillow is perfect for any hotel, Airbnb, cottage, and home to use! With it's hypoallergenic technology, never worry about you or your clients allergies while resting with the pillow protector on.

The waterproof pillow protector can instantly refresh any pillow that looks like it's time is almost up. Never worry about having to wash your pillow often as the pillow protector makes washing your pillows less of a hassle, as you only need to wash the pillow protector!


Additional Information

Product Details:

Waterproof pillow protector zipper style
Complete Protection
Bed bug/dust mite proof
Advantages of using waterproof pillow protectors

1. Waterproof pillow protectors are crucial for protecting against spills, sweat, drool, mishaps, and stains for the best health advantages.

2. Waterproof pillow coverings keep moisture and liquids out of the pillow, which can damage the filling or cause an odor, especially in the case of down and feather-filled pillows.

3. Fluids, spills, and makeup will not stain your pillows if you use a waterproof pillow protector. They prevent liquids, oils, and perspiration from soaking into your pillows, ensuring that they remain clean and fresh.

The innovative lamination technology on our pillow cases is manufactured specifically to protect pillows from liquids, dust mites, and bed bugs. They are also stain resistant, they simply needed to be popped in the drier to be refreshed and ready to use!


Sizes: Cushion, Standard, Queen, King
Colour: White
Bed Bug and Mite Proof


Breathable soft fabric, used to help keep your pillow last longer. Waterproof as well to keep any liquids spilling onto the pillow protector and seeping through.

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