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Telescopic Stand Dispenser

Telescopic Stand Dispenser


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This Telescopic Stand for Dispenser brings great convenience with it being adjustable in height and also being able to stand alone itself. This stand can fit whatever reason you may need it for and provide top quality service.

With the Telescopic Stand for Dispenser being very easy to assemble, it provides good convenience to set up with little stress coming with instructions. Having an adjustable height, it gives you variety in how high or low you want to set it up, with it adjustable range being from 95cm-145cm in height. Having all of these features in the stand itself, you will not be disappointed for whatever use you may need it for. The stand is also very durable and strong as well within how it is designed, as it is designed to stay strongly onto the floor to not shake, and also won't get broken easily at all.

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