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Mid-size Room Air Purifier

Mid-size Room Air Purifier


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Our mid-size air purifier is suitable for mid-size room purification of indoor spaces.  With multi-layer filtration, it ensures the air in the home maintains fresh and clean.  With an HD touch screen, you can easily control and monitor the air quality in the room. Sleep mode ensures you have a restless night of sleep as the noise reduces to 32 dB. Rolling bearings on the motor unit extend the lifespan of this product while also minimizing noise levels. This purifier is 150m3h CADR, efficiently removing PM2.5 dust, bacteria, pollen, mites, smoke, and other contaminants, and the non-woven filter effectively removes hair.

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  1. Multi-layer filtration system
  2. HD touch screen for easy control and air quality monitoring
  3. Sleep mode with reduced noise levels (32 dB)
  4. Rolling bearings on the motor unit for extended lifespan and minimized noise
  5. 150m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for efficient removal of PM2.5 dust, bacteria, pollen, mites, smoke, and other contaminants
  6. Non-woven filter for effective removal of hair


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