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Luxury Sateen Fitted Sheets 14" deep pocket - 350 Thread Count

Luxury Sateen Fitted Sheets 14" deep pocket - 350 Thread Count


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Experience luxury and durability with our Luxurious Sateen Fitted Bed Sheets. Crafted from single-ply 350 thread count fabric, these sheets ensure a superior sleep experience.

The elegant sateen weave adds opulence to any bedroom, making them ideal for hotel guests seeking comfort and style. Elevate your hospitality offerings with our exquisite bed sheets, uniting beauty, comfort, and durability effortlessly.

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  1. Product: Luxurious Sateen Fitted Bed Sheets
  2. Thread Count: 350
  3. Material: 60% High-Quality Cotton, 40% Polyester, Sateen Weave
  4. Size: Available in Queen and King sizes
  5. Color: Classic White
  6. Product Features: Durable, Breathable, Luxurious feel, Easy to fit, Sateen Weave


  • Personal Use: Turn your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary with our Luxurious Sateen Fitted Bed Sheets. The high thread count and sateen weave combine to offer ultimate luxury and comfort, promising you a restful sleep night after night.
  • Retail: Stock your store with our luxurious bed sheets and offer customers an unmatched blend of elegance, durability, and softness. With their sateen weave and high thread count, customers can enjoy a touch of luxury in their everyday life.
  • Airbnb: Give your guests the gift of a luxurious sleep experience with our sateen fitted bed sheets. Their high-quality construction and elegant design can significantly enhance the appeal of your rental property.
  • Hotel/Hospitality: Equip your hotel rooms with our Luxurious Sateen bed sheets to provide guests with a sanctuary for a restful stay. The luxurious feel and visual appeal of our sheets are sure to leave a lasting impression, enhancing your establishment's reputation.
  • Business: Whether you're in the hospitality sector or run a corporate housing facility, our Luxurious Sateen Fitted Bed Sheets can significantly uplift the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your accommodations. With their easy care guide and high-quality materials, they are a valuable investment for any business.

Product Care

  1. Washing: Machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle for the best results.
  2. Drying: Tumble dry low and remove promptly.
  3. Ironing: If needed, iron on a warm setting.
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