Disposable Isolation Gown w/ Elastic Cuff

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Disposable non-woven isolation gowns are a perfect addition to your PPE equipment. Protective apparel that promotes safety, comfort, and additional protection against harmful bacterias or fluids. These gowns can be used by staff when cleaning hotel rooms in order to protect themselves.

Super comfortable and flexible, allows you to move freely all day long. 

Keep your clothing inside procteted as it provide a reliable protection.

Additional Information

Protective clothing, such as a disposable isolation gown with elastic cuffs, is worn to stop the spread of infection or contamination. It is typically made of non-woven, lightweight fabric and is intended to be worn once before being thrown away.

Healthcare workers and others who might come into contact with bodily fluids like blood, urine, or saliva typically don the isolation gown. The gown acts as a barrier to keep infectious materials from getting on the wearer's skin or clothing and is worn over regular clothing.

The gown's elastic cuffs keep the gown in place and shield the wrists and arms from the elements. Most of the time, the gown has an open back and ties at the neck and waist to make it secure and comfortable to wear.


• Disposable
• Non-knitted elastic cuff
• Material PP – 25 grams
• Full back coverage with back and neck tie
• 115 cm by 137 cm (45.28 inches by 53.94 inches)
• Size: Universal
• Colour: Blue
• Health Canada Approved, FDA Certified
• 100 gowns per box


Airbnb & Home
Serves as extra protection when performing extensive cleaning or using harmful chemicals. Also used to prevent the spread of illness or bacteria.

PPE equipment that serves hotel employees with extra protection when interacting with customers or performing extensive cleaning.

A gown designed to keep healthcare employees safe from harmful pathogens, bodily fluids, infectious bacteria, and more.

Product Care

• Dispose after each use
• Dispose after noticeable soiling

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