Colored Spa & Hotel Bath Towel (26x52'', 11lbs/dz)

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The feeling of stepping out from a steam room or from a spa session and being wrapped in an amazing spa towel is clearly unbeatable.

These hospitality-grade bath linen supply spa bath towels deliver on just that and more. The 100% combed cotton makes them super soft and indulgent. The generous size gives the most lovely, cocooned feeling and with the wide choice in colour these bath towels are a love at first sight product. Also great for hospital and healthcare use.



    Additional Information

    100% cotton - Enjoy hotel & spa-like softness from the comfort of your own bathroom. Our bath towels are made with 100% natural cotton, Eco-Friendly materials, ensuring you a very soft, cozy and lightweight feel with a cushion touch, making them both luxurious and functional and even remain soft and comfy after washing multiple times.

    Multi colour - Having a variety of colours can help with the design of your hotel room and fill your rooms needs and themes.

    Multi use towel - This towel maybe a bath towel, but can also be used for many different occasions. You can bring it to the beach, the pool, you think of it! The towel can be of good use to you.

    Buy and Save - When you choose to buy our hotel & spa like bath cloth set, you get a pack of 12 or a box of 48 bath towels for a fraction of the price versus buying them individually. Plus, you will have the convenience of always having a fresh bath towel wherever you go and never run out of a clean bath towel again. They will make an excellent housewarming or shower gift.


    Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Sizes: Bath Towel 26x52"
    Color: Multi
    Style: Pool and Spa Style


    Bath towels can be used to dry off after a shower or bath. They're great for drying your body and hair because they're soft and absorbent without being too heavy.

    Product Care

    What's the best way to clean bath towels?
    Machine wash the towels in warm water using delicate detergent and tumble dry on low; recommended to dry immediately. Use non-chlorine bleach if needed.

    How do I keep the towels soft?
    A few tips on this would be to

    Go easy on the detergent
    Wash in warm water (not hot)
    Use baking Soda (loosens fibres and cleans grime)
    Use softener if desired

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