The Care Kit Fresh-Essence Shampoo & Shower Gel Pack 15ml Tube
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This premium pack offers a unique blend of natural essential oils for a luxurious shampoo and shower gel experience. It is dermatologically tested and pH-balanced to insure its gentle for everyday use. Combined with a natural surfactant base, the shampoo & shower gel is clinically proven to give users the optimal level of hydration and protection from breakage associated with dryness. Perfect for the whole family, the Care Kit Fresh-Essence Shampoo & Shower Gel Pack is free of artificial colors and fragrances, making it gentle and long-lasting.

Additional Information

HYC Design created The Care Kit Fresh-Essence Shampoo & Shower Gel Tube to make sure it deep cleans your hair well. It will wash away all excess dirt and oil from hair and body keeping your guests feeling cool and refreshed, ensuring hair is as clean as possible with this product.

With the shampoo and shower gel featuring its White Tea Scent, the intoxicating blend of white tea uplifts your guest's stay with a CARE welcome that will leave everyone wanting to know your secret and helps them finish their days feeling relaxed and invigorated. We chose the White Tea scent just to help out your hotel guests feel that much more relaxed and welcomed while taking in the beautiful scent.

It also comes in the perfect size at 15 ml, being the perfect size for hotels/motels on a lower budget.

This product pairs very well with our Conditioner, which you can use on your hair before putting on the Shampoo & Shower Gel to provide your hair with extra moisture.

Purchase this amenities product and you will not be disappointed at all with The Care Kit Fresh-Essence Shampoo & Shower Gel.


Twist and turn cap
Holds 15ml
White Tea scent


Our Care Kit Fresh Essence Shampoo & Gel is made to keep your hair fresh and revitalized, also keeps your skin clean and smelling amazing.

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