Manual Dispenser - Soap/Hand Sanitizer

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This manual dispenser offers precise dispensing of soap and hand sanitizer without any contact. Its adjustable dose size and low operating force minimizes product waste and maximizes hygiene. This dispenser is a cost-effective, easy-to-clean solution for any business.

Additional Information

When a user presses a lever or button on a soap or hand sanitizer manual dispenser, the dispenser dispenses a predetermined amount of liquid soap or hand sanitizer. The distributor is normally made of solid materials like plastic or metal and can be utilized in various settings, including homes, workplaces, schools, and public spaces.

Typically, the manual dispenser has a mechanism that regulates the flow of the liquid and a reservoir that holds the soap or sanitizer. The mechanism releases a predetermined amount of the liquid when the user presses the lever or button. This liquid can then be used for hand washing or sanitizing.

Because they are simple to operate and maintain, manual soap or hand sanitizer dispensers are a popular option. Because they do not require electricity or batteries, they are a dependable choice for use outdoors or in locations with limited power. Additionally, they tend to be less expensive than automatic dispensers, making them more affordable for a wider range of users.


Manual Push button
Compatible for wall mounting


Made to dispense hand sanitizer and or soap to anyone that may need to use it. Promotes hygiene

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