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Hook Less Shower Curtain 2 Piece with Translucent Window & Snap-On Liner

Hook Less Shower Curtain 2 Piece with Translucent Window & Snap-On Liner


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Revitalize your bathroom with our innovative Hook Less Shower Curtain featuring a convenient window and snap-on liner. Crafted from water-resistant fabric, this two-piece curtain offers durability and ease of maintenance. The hook-free design ensures easy installation and removal, saving you time and effort.

The sheer window allows natural light to filter into your shower space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the replaceable snap-on liner extends the life of your shower curtain, providing added value and convenience.

Available in lengths of 71" x 74", 71" x 77", and 71" x 81" (for handicap rooms), our Hook-Free Shower Curtain caters to various spatial requirements. Choose from styles including Solid White, White Lattice, and White Stripes to complement your decor effortlessly, ensuring a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom.

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Hook Less Shower Curtain Guide

WRF - Water Resistant Fabric

Shower Curtain WRF Window Snap on Liner
Chrome Rings Heavy Duty






  • Material: Water-resistant Fabric
  • Type: Hook less with Window, 2-piece
  • Features: Removable Snap-on Liner
  • Length options: 71" x 74", 71" x 77", 71" x 81" (for handicap room)
  • Colors available: Solid White, White Lattice, White Stripes
  • Hook Type: Hook Free


  • Personal/Retail/Airbnb: Incorporate our Hook less Shower Curtain seamlessly into your bathroom decor. Its water-resistant fabric and removable snap-on liner ensure easy maintenance, making it suitable for personal use, retail spaces, and Airbnb properties.
  • Hotel/Hospitality/Business: Impress your guests with our Hook less Shower Curtain. Its durable construction and convenient features provide convenience and style, making it perfect for hotels, motels, and hospitality businesses.

Product Care

  • Daily Maintenance: Shake off excess water and allow the curtain to air dry to maintain freshness.
  • Machine Wash: For thorough cleaning, machine wash the curtain with similar colours in warm water. Avoid using bleach.
  • Tumble Dry: After washing, tumble dry the curtain on low heat to prevent shrinkage and maintain its shape.
  • Ironing: If needed, iron the curtain on a low setting to remove wrinkles, ensuring a crisp and polished appearance.
  • NOTE: Before washing, detach the snap-on liner from the curtain.
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