Luxurious Flat Bed Sheets (350 Thread Count Fabric)

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Sleep in luxurious comfort with these high-quality, 350 thread count flat bed sheets. Crafted from premium fabric, they are soft, durable, and designed to provide a luxurious touch to your bedding. Made to last, these luxurious sheets provide a perfect finishing touch to your bedroom.

Additional Information

With the Luxurious Flat Bed Sheets (300 Thread Count Fabric) being made with cotton, they supply great comfort and durability, as well as having a soft touch with great aesthetic looks. With all the features these bed sheets provide, they are a must-get product. HYC Design makes sure that all of our products are up to hotel standards, to assure our customer's maximum satisfaction when purchasing any of our products.

HYC Design designed the bed sheets to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the bed sheets for. Whether it's for Hotels, Airbnb's, Cottages, or even for your own house, the Luxurious Flat Bed Sheets (300 Thread Count Fabric) will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need.

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• Material: 200TC Single-ply long-stranded cotton • Style: Flat
• Color: White
• Material: 300 Thread Count White Stitch
• Use: Hospitality / Motel / Hotelyarn
• Color: White
• Use: Hospitality/ Motel/ Hotel/ Home
• Perfect combination of durability and comfort


For Hotels, Home and AirBnB Usages

Hotels use two flat sheets instead of fitted sheets. The bottom is usually an oversized flat sheet and is tightly tucked around the mattress using the hospital corner sheet trick. The top one is folded on the sides and foot of the bed.

Homes and AirBnBs
You can use the flat sheets in between Duvets to keep it clean. Flat sheets for beds are advantageous as they prevent heavy laundering every week.

Product Care

Keep your bed linen white- a few tips

• Add ¼ cup of lemon juice to your load of whites right along with your detergent.
• Add half a cup of baking soda to your load along with your regular detergent. Then just before the rinse cycle, add half a cup of white vinegar to the load.
• Step away from the bleach. It can damage the fabric; the white colour can turn yellow over time.
• Sperate the white colour from other colours when laundering your linens.

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