Luxurious Bath Towel (27x54")

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A good towel will dry you off quickly, but a great towel will make you feel like you’re having a day at the spa. These Luxurious hotel-style bath towels made for Hospitality supply feel luxurious and have proved their durability. All thanks to the 100% combed cotton and 32/2 cotton yarn with a design element of two fine jacquard stripes on both sides. So if a plush, luxurious towel is what you want, this is a great one.

Providing a soft cotton towel that provides excellent warmth, you will surely want to purchase the Luxurious Bath Towel, providing top tier comfort for anyone who may use it. You will not be disappointed with everything it provides.

      Additional Information

      HYC Design designed this towel to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the towel for. Whether it's for baths, swimming, or spas, the Luxurious Bath Towel will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need. This product is recommended mostly for Economical Hospitality and Hotel/Motel use.

      The HYC design promise of quality and durability of the product while catering to the specifications of your business does hold strong for every purchase made from us.


      Fabric: Comb of 100% Cotton Loops
      Sizes: Bath Towel 27x54"
      Qty: Per / Dozen (12)
      Colour: White
      Style: Elegant Double Jacquard Stripe Design
      Weight Counted by 12's
      Use: Luxury Hospitality / Luxury Rentals / Hotel


      Bath towels can be used to dry off after a shower or bath. They're great for drying your body and hair because they're soft and absorbent without being too heavy.

      Product Care

      What's the best way to clean bath towels?
      Machine wash the towels in warm water using delicate detergent and tumble dry on low; recommended to dry immediately. Use non-chlorine bleach if needed.

      How do I keep the towels soft?
      A few tips on this would be to

      Go easy on the detergent
      Wash in warm water (not hot)
      Use baking Soda (loosens fibres and cleans grime)
      Use softener if desired

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