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The backpack vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dual HEPA filtration, providing a double filtration of debris, avoiding secondary air pollution. A crevice tool for cracks, a soft brush for corners, and an upholstery tool for your sofa or curtain.

Leave your floors free of dirt and grime with our powerful Backpack Vacuum. Cleaning supplies and accessories at wholesale prices for bulk purchase at HYC.


Additional Information

A type of vacuum cleaner that is made to be carried on the back like a backpack is called a backpack vacuum, which is also called a backpack vacuum cleaner. It is commonly utilized in business and modern settings, like places of business, lodgings, and distribution centers, where a versatile and lightweight cleaning arrangement is required.

With adjustable straps and a lightweight construction that makes it easy to move around while vacuuming, the backpack vacuum is made to be comfortable to wear and easy to maneuver. A backpack-style housing typically houses the motor and filter system, along with a wand and hose that can be used to clean floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

One of the benefits of using a backpack vacuum is that it lets you clean in places where a traditional upright or canister vacuum might not be useful, like tight spaces, stairs, or places where there isn't enough clearance. It can also be used for longer periods of time before needing to be emptied because it typically has a larger capacity for holding dust and debris.

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