6 Color Travel Sewing Kit, Thread Repair Emergency Kit with Buttons

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This 6 Color Travel Sewing Kit provides a comprehensive assortment of 1000 individually wrapped buttons in 6 different colors. Ideal for thread repair and emergency mending, this kit offers reliable solutions for repair of upholstery, clothing, and other fabrics. With all tools conveniently stored in one box, you can be prepared for any repair job!

Additional Information

Kits usually include his six spools of various colors, various needles, thimbles and small scissors, various buttons, and other sewing supplies. 


Each kit is individually packaged into a bag.
Each kit includes:
- 2 Buttons
- 1 Needle
- 1 Threader
- 1 Safety Pin
- 6 Colour Threads


The 6 Color Travel Sewing Kit is a portable sewing kit designed for mending clothes and other items on the go when traveling.

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