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The guest room decorating design is a key business strategy and is what sets you apart from your competitors. The service and product quality is what impresses your clients and keep them coming back for more. A practical design for longevity and product durability is what sets your profitability. Having an in-house decorating design team, and in-house manufacturer enables us to control the quality, deliver the most cost-effective, innovative and practical decorative design solutions for your property. We also provide customized product solutions to follow your own design and incorporate branding that can be carried across a number of properties.

What can we customize?

At HYC Design, we can customize a product to your liking. Make your  product stand out by customizing your:

  • Bolsters
  • Bed Skirts and Scarves
  • Decor Pillows and Cushions
  • Top Sheets


With a variety of different top sheets, any of these beautiful designs will finish your bed off to look great! Contact us with more information about each type of top sheet.

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bed scarves

Customizable from our different variety of colors. The fabric has a fine pattern that is elegant and suitable for any room.

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    2 sided velvet

    Customizable from our different variety of colors. We have listed just a few colors that you can choose from. This colors are interchangeable meaning that you can mix and match any 2 colors you want to create your perfect bed scarf or just a bed skirt!

    Order Velvet Bed Scarves or Rectangular Decor Pillows

    bed scarf and Bed Skirts

    This beautiful velvet fabric is available for the bed scarf and decor pillow! Just let us know what color suits your needs.

    Order Bed Scarves and Skirts

      Designer bed scarf

      Our designer bed scarves are suitable to perfect any room! This little detail in your interior designing will go a long way, contact us for more information on what type of designed bed scarf is best for you.

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      • Bolsters
      • Rectangular Decor Pillows
      • Square Decor Pillows

        Simply contact us and we will help you pick the best choose for your bed! 
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        Bed sKIRTS

        Any type of bed skirt that you need, we have! Simply contact us or learn more about our products in the bed skirt products on our website.

        5 Pleat: 5 openings for the bed skirt
        Open Pleat: 2 openings on the 2 corners of the bed skirt
        Half Pleat: 2 half-way openings on the 2 corners of the bed skirt
        4 Pleat: 4 openings on the sides and 2 corners on the skirt
        2 Pleat: 2 openings on the 2 corners of the bed skirt
        Closed Pleat: completely closed corners on the bed skirt

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        Bed Huggers

        These flexible Bed Huggers fit beautifully with any bed! Shop through our selection and we guarantee that you will love these Bed Huggers. 

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