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These multi-utility wholesale hotel-style towels are great for spas, pools, fitness clubs, and even at the beach. With great design choices, they are sure to look amazing while your guests soak up the sun or work out in the gym. Our unique dyeing process inhibits bleaching and color fading. These towels also make for a great hotel quality towel supply for Airbnb, Cottages & Bed and breakfasts.

Choosing the best hotel collection towels has never been easier. These everyday must-haves come in several choices. Our hotel quality towel supply covers several products- Hand Towels, Washcloths, Bath towels, Pool towels, Spa towels, Beach towels, and Bathmats for a warmer, safer, and cozier bathroom. 

We at HYC design, a Canadian hotel supply company pride ourselves on the breadth of products we offer the hospitality industry as well as our custom design capabilities. If you have a question for us or need advice on the product that’s right for your business, contact us here



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