Collection: Flat Bed Sheets

If you want great quality Flat Bed Sheets, HYC is the perfect place to look at. We provide our sheets in 200/250/300 Thread Count to add extra softness and comfort to the sheets themselves. With the perfect combination of cotton and polyester, these ultra-soft custom flat hotel collection bed sheets provide your guest a restful night's sleep and make sure they are prepared the next day. Different styles are available including standard, deep pocket, and tuck-in models to fulfill various needs of sizes and styles. Our hotel linens for bulk hotel supply are a smart option for durability, comfort, and a clean appearance.

Our Ideal Flat Bed Sheets come with a 200 Thread Count Fabric. Our Deluxe Flat Bed Sheets come with a 250/300 Thread Count Fabric. The best Flat Bed Sheets we have to offer, our Luxurious Flat Bed Sheets, come with a 300 Thread Count Fabric. If you want a bit of style to your Bed Sheets, we have our Stripe Patterned Deluxe Flat Bed Sheets that offer a 250 Thread Count Fabric. All of these sheets we have to offer are very high-quality Flat Bed Sheets and will help fit it's purpose, decorating your bed.

At HYC Design, we provide our Flat Bed Sheets in bulk stock for hotel suppliers and have been in the hotel industry for over a decade. Contact us by email at or by phone at (416) 661 0606 if you have any questions or concerns, or want to place an order yourself.