Hotel inspired bathroom guide

Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Hotel-Inspired Oasis: A Complete Guide to Design, Materials, and Accessories


(Using Hotel Style Bathroom Accessories and Hotel Amenities)

  1. What Materials Are Hotels Using?
  2. Pamper Yourself With High-Quality Towels.
  3. Should I Invest in a Better Bathtub?
  4. How Do I Make An Appealing Arrangement?
  5. Does Lighting Even Make a Difference?

How is it that hotel washrooms can be so simple, yet so stunning and how can I recreate that magic? If you’re asking yourself that question then this guide will equip you with all the know-how needed to transform your washroom into the elegant hotel bathroom of your dreams! 

Let’s go!

1. What Materials Are Hotels Using?

When choosing the materials for your washroom, style and quality are paramount! Be sure that the products you choose can withstand the test of time and your personal taste!


Tiles are incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with intricate mosaics or plain backsplashes with stone, ceramic or porcelain! Hotels use tiles around showers since the water resistance prevents the growth of mold and mildew. If properly maintained, you could be looking at over 50 years with the same tiles, making for a great investment! Be careful not to overdo it, less is more when it comes to tiled surfaces.


Marble’s minimalistic pattern exudes luxury and elegance, and its glossy finish makes it quite literally light up any space. Hotels opt for marble surfaces because of their timeless quality, literally and figuratively. Marble is extremely durable, and when properly maintained, can last more than 25 years with limited discoloration.


When well maintained, glass helps washrooms look spotless and spacious! That’s why hotels always seem to have those sliding glass doors. Glass surfaces also have the added perk of being reflective, so they help illuminate the room!

2. Pamper Yourself With High-Quality Towels

High-end hotels are known for their irresistibly soft and fluffy towels. In order to emulate that hotel feel in your washroom, you're going to want to invest in some high-quality towels!

What materials?



An argument could be made for almost every material, but we would recommend 100% cotton towels for a magnificently soft experience! If you can afford to, maybe even try pure Egyptian cotton bath towels, it's notoriously soft and the highest quality cotton available! Make sure you get your bath towels in bulk so you can keep rotating them once they wear out!



Colour and Style

When it comes to colour, you can’t go wrong with a crisp and classy white like hotels do! Hotels always sport thick, oversized, fluffy towels, and sometimes you even see those hotel-style luxury bath sheets so visitors can snuggle up in their towels! Perhaps even consider investing in a heated towel rack so that your towels are warm once you're out of the shower!

3. Should I Invest in a Better Bathtub?

You’ll notice that high-end hotel washrooms often sport a lavishly enticing bathtub! Regular tubs tend to be  32” x 60”, and larger tubs tend to exceed 32” x 71”. Hotels always opt for oversized tubs which avoid uncomfortable squishing into a cramped space and encourage relaxation!

Bathtubs come in a myriad of different styles! You could try a podium, freestanding, alcove, corner or drop-in depending on how much space you have! There are also many different materials that they come in, with porcelain and acrylic being the most common options!

4. How Do I Make An Appealing Arrangement?

Getting that distinctive hotel washroom look boils down to minimalism. Hotels are always looking to make their washrooms as beautiful and simple to use as possible.

Keep it simple by purchasing hotel bathroom supplies in white or a bright, neutral accent like sage green or pale yellow!

Declutter your space and put away all unnecessary items! Make use of hotel accessories like amenity holders, cabinets and baskets! Be consistent with colours, materials etc!



Add small accents of detailed luxury to your washroom like how hotels do! Maybe invest in compact soap dispensers, plush mats, waterproof cushions, fine bath linens or custom shower curtains! You should also ensure your fixtures are one consistent material like silver, brass or gold! Additionally, hotel supplies will often use accent colours like black or charcoal since they contrast the brighter tones used throughout!



5. Does Lighting Even Make a Difference?

Yes, lighting makes a major difference to your washroom and hotels know this! Ever wondered why you always seem to look nicer in hotel mirrors? It’s because hotel bathrooms are extremely well-lit, which reduces harsh and unflattering shadows! Applying this to your home washroom can do wonders for the atmosphere so be sure to highlight your mirror. You could try backlit sconce lighting, pendant light fixtures, a feature piece, or whatever you decide make sure it goes with your mirror! It also helps to have adjustable light settings for those days you want to relax with dimmer lights!


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