Wrap Your Guests in Luxury: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Top-Quality Towels for Your Home, Hotel, or Airbnb

Wrap Your Guests in Luxury: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Top-Quality Towels for Your Home, Hotel, or Airbnb

bath towels

There are a wide variety of towels out there, so let's break down the different types of towels that are best suited for your hotel, Airbnb, or home. Towels are created in different materials, sizes, and shapes to suit specific needs. Some people prioritize quality, while others prioritize pricing to follow specific budgets. Read on below to find out which towels are suitable for you based on your circumstances. Click here.

Bath Towels

Let's all agree, there is nothing worse than being cold and dripping wet after a shower. However, a luxurious bath towel will not only fulfill your needs but will exceed your expectations. Most hotels tend to go for the less expensive towels due to the high volume of guests they cater to. As long as the towels are quick-drying, large enough to cover your whole body, durable, and made of soft fabric, they are perfect! Inexpensive towels are the best option for hotels because they satisfy your guests and cater to your budget.

Airbnb owners and homeowners may look towards higher quality towels as they accommodate fewer guests. This means they may have more money in their budget to spend on smaller details. Higher quality bath towels have that extra soft and luscious feel that puts you in that state of ultimate comfort. Especially after a shower, there is nothing more that you need besides comfort and warmth. Thanks to the durability of high quality towels, you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are an absolute must in the bathroom. Without hand towels, your guests’ hands will be wet and dripping water everywhere! Not only are they practical, but they add a finishing touch to your washroom design. Any hand towel will do the job, but if you are looking for cheaper alternatives, a simple hand towel is best for you. It fulfills your guests' needs while saving you some money!

If you want your guests to have more of a lavish, spa-like experience, you can provide them with more durable and soft hand towels. This is better for those with sensitive skin as a softer material will not cause irritation. Thicker hand towels also provide more absorption and faster drying. As these are pricier than basic hand towels, they are better for those who are on a less strict budget (such as Airbnbs and homes).

Pool Towels

Pool towels are a great idea for hotels, Airbnbs, and homes with indoor pools. It is extremely convenient for guests to be able to grab a towel within arms reach after stepping out of the pool, which is why they are a necessity! Since pool towels aren’t used as often as something like bath towels, they don’t necessarily need to be of top quality. However, if that is something you’re interested in providing, it is a great idea! Higher quality pool towels tend to provide your guest with extra comfort and absorbency, while withstanding colour fade and bleaching. 

If you’re looking for the average pool towel, an inexpensive, simple one will do! Especially if you are catering to a large volume of guests on a budget, expensive pool towels may not be a top priority for you at the moment. As long as the towels are soft and large, they do just the trick.

Bathmats & Washcloths

Bathmats are great for avoiding slippery accidents in the washroom. They allow your guests to dry their feet after coming out of the shower. It also shields their feet from the cold bathroom floors. Although bathmats remain on the floor, it doesn't make them any less important! The thicker the bathmat, the more comfort your guests feel under their feet. Higher quality bathmats may be more expensive for hotels, to where a cheaper alternative is typically ideal. Home and Airbnb owners tend to have more room in their budget for a nicer bath mat.

Washcloths are a great amenity to leave around the washroom for your guests. Although not everybody uses them, your guests will certainly appreciate it! Since washcloths are often used to clean one’s face and body, it is crucial that they are made of gentle materials. Because of this, it may be a better idea to buy higher quality washcloths to prevent skin irritation among your guests. For hotel settings, there are certainly cheaper options that are just as good quality! It is important to find the right one for you depending on your budget and your needs.


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