Basic Bath Towel (From 22x44", 6lbs/dz)

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Treat yourself to some fresh and soft hotel collection white towels. The full terry, no borders, open-end yarn construction with a 20% polyester infusion makes for an amazing bath experience. These towels are a must-have for their convenience and ease of use both for hotel supply and home use.


The perfect companion to these bath towels is the Hotel guest slippers. Comfortable, breathable, quiet, and non-slip, they make for the best companion after a bath.

          Additional Information

          Multi use - The towel set is ideal for everyday usage. Use the towels efficiently in a bathroom, at gym, beach, poolside, salon, spa or even camping trip.

          Durable and comfortable - Perfect combination of softness and durability, the towel will have a soft touch on your skin and will not cause irritation. The durability will keep the towel in perfect like condition with it going through many washes.

          Infused with polyester - With the bath towels infusion with 20% polyester. guaranteed strength of the towels, also never have to worry about mildew growing on your towel.

          Basic design - This basic towel design is perfect for any bathroom looking to add a nice touch without any compromise to the design.

          Lightweight - This towel is super light and can absorb moisture efficiently and don't worry about extra liquids being left behind after one swipe.


          Fabric: 80% Cotton/20% Polyester
          Sizes: Bath Towel 22x44", 24x48" 25x50"
          Qty: Per / Dozen (12)
          Color: White
          Style: Full Terry
          Weight Counted by 12's
          Use: Hospitality / Motel / Hotel


          Bath towels can be used to dry off after a shower or bath. They're great for drying your body and hair because they're soft and absorbent without being too heavy.

          Product Care

          It is recommended that bath towels are washed every three uses. For example, if you shower every day, that means laundry almost.

          1. Separate towels by colour.
          2. Use hot water, detergent, a natural fabric brightener to wash white towels.
          3. Colourful towels should be washed in warm water with a detergent that contains colour-safe bleach.
          4. Toss your towels in the dryer with the wool balls once they've been washed.
          5. Before taking the towels from the dryer, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

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