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Basic Full Terry Bath Towel (From 20x40" - 4.5lbs/dz)

Basic Full Terry Bath Towel (From 20x40" - 4.5lbs/dz)


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Our Basic Bath Towels are more than just basic. These towels, available in various sizes, offer a comforting touch with superior absorbency. The open-end yarn construction infused with 20% polyester ensures a plush, soft feeling against the skin while absorbing water efficiently. Ideal for home or commercial use, these towels add a touch of practical luxury to any bathroom


          • Material: Open-end yarn with 20% polyester
          • Design: Full terry, no borders


          • 20x40" (4.5lbs/dz)
          • 22x44" (6lbs/dz)
          • 22x48" (6lbs/dz)
          • 24x48" (8lbs/dz)


          Hotel/Hospitality: Our Basic Bath Towels are ideal for hotel and other commercial use. They are designed for easy laundering, offering convenience to the hospitality industry.

          Retail/Household: Soft, absorbent, and easy to care for, our towels are excellent for everyday use at home. They are designed to provide an affordable luxury for daily routines.

          Airbnb/Vacation Homes: Stock your Airbnb or vacation rental with our Basic Bath Towels to provide a hotel-like experience for your guests.

          Tip: Pair these towels with our Hotel Guest Slippers for a complete, luxurious bath experience.

          Product Care

          To maintain the pristine whiteness and longevity of your Basic White Bath Towels:

          • Wash white towels separately from colored items to avoid color transfer.
          • Use warm water and opt for a gentle cycle to preserve the fibers.
          • Add a small amount of fabric-safe bleach if the towels appear dingy.
          • Avoid fabric softeners, as they can reduce the absorbency of the towel.
          • Tumble dry on low heat to protect the towel fibers and remove promptly to prevent wrinkles.
          • Consider adding a dry towel to the load to speed up the drying process and reduce the chance of the towels becoming stiff.

          Please note: Always check the tag for specific instructions related to the care of your towels. The guide above is a general suggestion and may not be suitable for all types of towels.

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