Ultra Prime Towel Set (Fine Linens)

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•100% Egyptian cotton •Absorbent and lightweight •No-fray hems Experience luxurious comfort with the Ultra Prime Towel Set (Fine Linens). Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton offering superior absorbency and a lightweight design. enjoy long-lasting durability, thanks to no-fray hems.

Additional Information

The Ultra Prime Towel Set is a set of high-end towels made of fine linens that are made to provide the highest level of comfort and luxury. Typically, this set of towels includes a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel. However, it may also include bath sheets, fingertip towels, bath mats, or other sizes or types of towels.

An Ultra Prime Towel Set's towels are made of high-quality linen, which is known for being extremely soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Even in warm and humid environments, linen towels are favored due to their distinctive texture and natural properties that keep them cool and refreshing to the touch. Additionally, the natural antibacterial properties of linen towels aid in maintaining their freshness and odorlessness.


Material: 100% combed cotton loops + polyester blend
Colour: white


A great companion for your skin, they are destined to be the best small towel for your business or home use.

Product Care

1. Separate towels by colour.
2. Use hot water, detergent, and non-chlorine bleach or a natural fabric brightener to wash white towels.
3. Colourful towels should be washed in warm water with a detergent that contains colour-safe bleach.
4. Shake and toss your towels in the dryer with the wool balls once they've been washed.
5. Before taking the towels from the dryer, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

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