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Special Edition Mattress

Special Edition Mattress


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Our Special Edition Tight Top Mattress, part of our Luxury Collection, brings together the best of luxury and comfort. Made with a luxurious cotton fabric and carefully handcrafted in Canada, this mattress offers a medium-firm comfort level for those preferring a little extra support. The mattress features our DS Signature Double Lumbar Support, a double-tempered 13-gauge pocket coil system, and an edge guard for durability. It includes 1.5* Soy Bio High-Density Foam for pressure relief and 1* Ultra Soft High-Grade Visco Foam for extra comfort.


  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes
  • Coil Count Varies by Size (494 - 1032)
  • Tight Top Mattress Style
  • DS Signature Double Lumbar Support
  • 9° Double Tempered 13 Gauge Pocket Coil
  • Double Tempered Edge Guard
  • 1.5* Soy Bio High-Density Foam
  • 1* Ultra Soft High-Grade Visco Foam
  • 4402 Temperature Regulating Hollow Fill Fiber
  • 11" Height
  • 10-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Comfort Rating
  • Luxurious Cotton Fabric Cover
  • 4 Heavy Duty Handles
  • Hand Built in Canada
  • CertiPUR-US Certified


Hospitality: Our Special Edition Tight Top Mattress is an excellent choice for hotels and Airbnb accommodations striving for an upgraded sleep experience for their guests. The mattress ensures a deeply restful sleep, allowing guests to wake up revitalized and refreshed.

Retail/Household: Offering hotel-like comfort, the Special Edition Tight Top Mattress is also a great choice for households. Its medium-firm comfort level provides a well-supported sleep, making it suitable for those seeking a balance between firm support and cloud-like softness.

Product Care

Storage and Installation: Open your Bed-in-Box mattress in a spacious, well-ventilated area. Allow it to fully expand before use.

Maintenance: To maintain its shape and prolong its lifespan, rotate the mattress head-to-toe every two months.

Cleaning: Spot clean minor stains with a damp cloth. For significant stains, consider professional cleaning.

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