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Premium Diagonal Ribbed Slip Stitch - Washcloth - (13x13" 416gsm)

Premium Diagonal Ribbed Slip Stitch - Washcloth - (13x13" 416gsm)


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Indulge in luxury with our Premium Diagonal Ribbed Slip Stitch Washcloth. Crafted with a lavish 12/1 Zero Twist design, each cloth promises a soft touch and enhanced absorbency. The generous size of 13x13 inches provides ample coverage, making it perfect for various purposes. These washcloths offer a plush and comforting feel against your skin.

Designed for both durability and sophistication, the washcloths feature a stitch hem that adds a touch of elegance. The classic white colour not only complements any bathroom decor but also exudes a clean and pristine look. Elevate your bathing experience with these high-quality washcloths that blend functionality with luxurious comfort.


  • 12/1 Zero Twist
  • Size: 13x13
  • GSM: 416
  • Stitch hem


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