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Pressto Valet Ironing Board Cover/Pad

Pressto Valet Ironing Board Cover/Pad


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The Pressto Valet Ironing Board Cover/Pad is a premium accessory for efficient ironing. Its one-piece design boasts an extra thick 3/16" pad sewn onto the cover, ensuring a smooth and wrinkle-free ironing surface. With a bungee elastic, it offers a tight and secure fit on most full-size ironing boards. This cover/pad is resistant to stains and scorching, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and optimal performance during ironing tasks.


These durable bungee replacement covers are designed to fit Pressto Valet's Compact boards. The cover and pad are stitched together to form a single component. Fits ironing boards with dimensions of 40" x 13". The 1-piece design is simple to install and will not slip off the 3/16" thick FIBRE (flame resistant) backing cover. Bungee binding and a nose compartment provide the most snug fit on the market. Stain and scorch resistant. Do not wash or dry in the washing machine. Clean with a gentle, moist cloth.


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