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BASIC + LUXURY PRO - Personal Care Amenity Combo/Package - 1000pcs

BASIC + LUXURY PRO - Personal Care Amenity Combo/Package - 1000pcs


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Explore our BASIC + LUXURY PRO Personal Care Amenity Combo—a delightful ensemble featuring 1000 travel-size essentials: Shampoo, Shower Gel, Lotion, Conditioner, Mouthwash, Make-up Wipe, Soap, Vanity Kit, Dental Kit, and Small Alcohol Wipe. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, this hygienic solution ensures a refreshing and invigorating experience during travel and hospitality stays. Guests indulge in gentle yet effective cleansing, feeling rejuvenated and pampered. Elevate their stay with this thoughtfully designed premium care combo, seamlessly blending convenience and luxury. An ideal addition to personal, retail, Airbnb, hotel, hospitality, or business settings—delivering a perfect fusion of sophistication and comfort. Unveil a new level of travel indulgence!

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Items Quantity Per Tube/Bar Quantity Per Item
Shower Gel 30ml 100pcs
Lotion 30ml 100pcs
Conditioner 30ml 100pcs
Shampoo 30ml 100pcs
Alcohol Wipe 5in x 7in 100pcs
Make-up Wipes (L) 5in x 7in 100pcs
Soap 25g 100pcs
Mouthwash 30ml 100pcs
Dental Kit 100pcs
Vanity Kit 100pcs


  • Quantity: 1000 pieces
  • Contents: 30ml Shampoo (100 pcs), 30ml Shower Gel (100 pcs), 25g Soap (100 pcs), 30ml Lotion (100 pcs), 30ml Mouthwash (100 pcs), 5in x 7in Alcohol Wipe (100 pcs), 5in x 7in Make-up Wipes (L) (100 pcs), 30ml Conditioner (100 pcs), Dental kit (100 pcs), Vanity (100 pcs)
  • Suitable for: Personal, Retail, Airbnb, Hotel, Hospitality, Business use
  • Size: Travel-size
  • Ingredients: Natural and gentle on the skin


  • Personal/Retail/Airbnb: Provide your guests with a touch of luxury during their stay. Place the STARTER Personal Care Combo in guest rooms, bathrooms, or welcome baskets. Guests will appreciate the convenience and thoughtful care you provide.
  • Hotel/Hospitality/Business: Elevate the guest experience in your hotel, hospitality, or business establishment. Use the STARTER Personal Care Combo to add a touch of elegance and ensure your guests feel pampered throughout their stay. Ideal for travel convenience and premium care.

Product Care

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with eyes; if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • After each use, ensure the caps are tightly closed to prevent leakage.
  • Dispose of empty containers responsibly, following local waste disposal guidelines.
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