Shelter Housing

Our curated selection covers every aspect of resident comfort and care, with a focus on bedding, bath supplies, towels, and hospitality accessories. Whether you're outfitting a shelter dormitory or communal living space, our range of bedding sets, duvets, and blankets provide warmth and comfort for residents. Additionally, our bath supplies and accessories, including bathrobes, slippers, and shower curtains, ensure a clean and hygienic environment. With a commitment to quality and reliability, our towels are available in sets suitable for both personal and communal use. Furthermore, our hospitality supplies and accessories, such as cleaning supplies and drapery covers, are designed to meet the diverse needs of shelter facilities. At HYC Design, we understand the importance of creating a supportive and comfortable environment for shelter residents, and we're here to help you meet those needs with our high-quality essentials. Explore our collections today and discover how we can enhance the living experience for shelter residents with HYC Design