Why does material thread count matter?

The Surprising Impact of Material Thread Count on Your Comfort and Sleep Quality

What is thread count? Why does it matter? 

Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. When looking at the thread count you look at the number of threads there are in the product as this is a key factor in finding the perfect product for you. Here, I will show you how and why material thread counts matter.

Is thread count important?

thread count

Material thread count is calculated from both horizontal, and vertical threads woven into each square inch. This can help customers determine the variety of products with different thread counts and find what's right for them. There are plenty of materials used as materials for thread counting like cotton, ply, bamboo, etc. Most people use ply as it is most efficient for companies due to its low cost and comfort. Luxurious Bath Towels are a prime example of the importance of thread count, as the higher thread count can help the absorption of water. Products that are priced higher usually contain a higher thread count (around 400+ depending on the material), making it more comfortable and durable for the consumer.

Ideal thread count?

Ideal thread count

When it comes to looking at your thread count, you always want to make sure you know the average thread count of a product should implement. Companies can inflate those numbers from using a thinner thread, use multi-ply yarns to increase thread count to make the product seem higher quality than others. This is called artificially enhancing, which increases the thread count, leading to products of lower quality. Fitted Bed Sheets thread count can range from 200 to 600, this can be used as reference when purchasing a bedsheet as if there is more thread count than the average range, it was most likely artificially enhanced to have a higher thread count. A good rule of thumb when purchasing any hospitality supplies like the pillowcases, pillows, towels, blankets, etc.



Reliable materials?

Does the material/fibre really matter when it comes to purchasing my product? Yes it does. Thread count material can increasingly impact the quality of your product, if you want a more comfortable material to use, materials like cotton, single ply, sateen, and percale weave can provide you a comfortable and durable item. When it comes to the higher quality fibre like sateen and percale weave, having a high thread count won’t make a difference as it is comparable to a lower quality fibre with a higher count. A Bamboo fibre duvet is an example of a higher quality fibre with low thread count, and is comparable to a Deluxe Cotton Duvet with a higher thread count, with bamboo having many benefits like being antibacterial and odourless. Again, specific material can determine the amount of threads required to make a quality product. Click here.

Reliable materials


Does thread count as something you should always keep in the back of your head when purchasing bedding and bath items? Yes, many companies try to market their products with an absurd amount of thread count advertising it as 1000 threads for “$89.99! Best value!”. If you believe this to be “too good to be true”, then you are probably right. Use the 3 tips above to aid your choice in a product, expecting a quality, and comfortable purchase.

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