What is the difference between beach towels and pool towels?

Beach Towels vs. Pool Towels: Which One Should You Choose?


Summer is just around the corner, and many people are in search of the perfect towel for their upcoming plans. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide between a beach towel or a pool towel. To help you make an informed decision, we've outlined the key differences between beach towels and pool towels.


The most noticeable difference between beach towels and pool towels is their size. Beach towels are typically longer and wider than pool towels. A standard beach towel can measure up to 26×52 inches, while a typical pool towel can range from 24×46 to 24×48 inches. The extra length and width of beach towels make them ideal for lying on the sand or using as a makeshift blanket. In contrast, pool towels are designed to dry your body quickly and efficiently, making them more suitable for drying off after a swim.

With the sizing of each towel itself, a beach towel absorbs moisture and prevents your body from becoming wet, while pool towels do it in a more efficient time to quickly dry off your body. The sizing makes each towel more accommodatable for other purposes as well if you’d wish to use so. The length of beach towels can make it a great choice as a blanket, while pool towels could be more suitable used as a hand towel.   

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While both beach and pool towels are similar in being very thin, beach towels are designed to be even thinner than a regular bath towel. One thing different from both towels is that each side of the bath towel is different in comparison to a pool towel.

High-quality swim towels are often designed to fit many purposes, which is why they come with two handy sides for the towel. One side is designed to not get soggy or get stuck with sand being the non-absorbent and sand-repellent side. The other side of the towel is designed to relax your body and also absorb all the moisture off your body. Overall, both sides have different purposes, making it very versatile. Pool towels, on the other hand, don’t have two different sides and are made purely out of cotton for both sides.

Pool towels are made with cotton to quickly dry off your wet body to remove irritation on your skin while having soft touch on your skin every time you wear it. While pool towels dry off quicker, they are not as absorbent as a beach towel would be with the two unique sides it has to feature.

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Resistance vs Resilience

Beach towels are very resilient, with them going through a lot of dirtiness as you would expect at a beach. Beach towels go through stains of many products such as greasy products like sunscreen and body oils and also through food and beverage messes. Having tons of sand debris at the beach as well chlorine after coming out of the water, having a high-resilient beach towel is perfect to accommodate you for beach-specific purposes.

Pool towels, on the other hand, are water-resistant, perfect for a towel of its purpose made to get in contact with water very frequently. If your pool towel isn’t resistant enough, it may change colour when in contact with sea salt, sand, dust, or chlorine.


These are some of the key differences between beach towels and pool towels that are noticeable when purchasing either one of them. Sizing, design, and the resilience vs resistance factors of each towel will help you decide which towel is best for you to buy. Click here.

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