Perfect balance for your minimalist bedroom

Aesthetic and Comfort: Achieving the Perfect Balance in Your Minimalist Bedroom

  1. What Is Minimalism?
  2. Common Trends In Minimalist Design.
  3. How To Make The Designs More Interesting?
  4. Unique Ideas To Bring Character Into Your Room.



What Is Minimalism?

In interior design, minimalism is a style that focuses on a reductive approach to decoration. It is characterized by simplicity, decluttering and neutrality, and is thus a very cost effective method of decoration. Because of its mutability and effortlessness,  minimalism is a great fit into almost every room, and creates a tranquil, calming space!


Principles To Keep In Mind.

Designing a minimalistic room for the first time can be daunting, however, there are two principles to follow that are fantastic in keeping you on the right track!

Less Is More: 

  • Focus on investing in durable pieces that are perfect as opposed to low quality pieces that conflict your space. Increasing the clutter-free surfaces in your space and using bare essentials allows your nicer pieces to stand out and opens up your space!

Use What You Have: 

  • Minimalism focuses on being grounded and working with what you have. Focus on having some constants that you adore and rotate those pieces every so often. Use clean lines, and minimalist furniture to work with your space, not overwhelm it.


Common Trends In Minimalist Design.

Cool Neutral Colors With Warm Accents (or vice versa)

 Most minimalist rooms have very simple and neutral colour palettes for their bedding and accessories, often sticking to warmer tones and using the cooler tones as an accent (or vice versa) like this room does with its contrasting cool vases.



The colours used are also quite pale and desaturated: 





Minimalist rooms tend to lean towards lighter wall paints, often sporting have stark white walls that brighten your space: 





Sometimes these rooms are even simply black and white, with little to no accent colours. 





Make sure to stick to 2 - 3 colours for the whole space so as to not shift into maximalism. 


 Minimalist rooms are always bright and spacious! This is lower, compact bed frames, (or even skipping the bed frame) creating the illusion of a higher ceiling!


Minimalist rooms also tend to sport large windows for natural light and ultra thin sheer drapery to let the light seep in:


Opt for hidden storage to keep your space decluttered. Consider investing in inconspicuous storage like this tv table.


Frequent Use Of Different Textures:

Minimalist rooms often sport unique and varied textures to create visual interest.


Natural elements like wood, plants, and stone are used frequently in minimalist rooms (like this side table)!



Minimalist rooms often match fixtures in brass or pale gold.



Minimalist rooms are often found with one or more rugs, as they allow a change in texture/shape (soft, simple, geometric etc)! Check out these statement rugs for ideas!



How To Make The Designs More Interesting?


Use A Out Of The Ordinary Textures

While minimalist rooms use a variety of textures, they often remain tame. So, to revamp your room, while staying true to minimalism: use unique textures! Try an unconventional wood, maybe incorporate a feature wall if your space is large enough! Remember to use contrast: if you have a soft piece, emphasize it with something rough!


Create Interest With Patterns

Another simple way to create visual interest in your room while staying true to minimalism is through the use of different patterns like stripes, dots, gingham, etc!



Let You View Do The Talking (If You Have One)

Remember those principles about using what you have? Well, if you have a fabulous view, incorporate it into the design! If your view is full of nature, bring that nature inside with some leaves, plants and hints of green. If your view is of the ocean, bring those cool blue tones! Treating your view like a part of the room gives it a personal touch, while ensuring that everything works together seamlessly. 


Incorporate Other Styles

Not everything in a minimalist room has to be just minimalist! You can always combine some of your other favorite styles for the perfect room for you! For beachy, boho style try adding twine or macramé pieces! For a moodier feel try using black accents! Remember that it’s your room and don’t shy away from including what makes you happy!

Unique Ideas To Bring Character Into Your Room.


Simple Bench In Front Of The Bed

 Benches in front of beds are common in most bedrooms, but uncommon in minimalist rooms, however, you should definitely consider getting one. Not only do they make for extra seating space when you have friends over, but if you get a storage bench, you can store some items that you need to declutter in there to quickly be accessed. 


Pendant Light

 Pendant lights are great for minimalist rooms. They’re sleek, elegant and simple while still making a statement, making for a perfect addition to any minimalist spaces!


Moody Black Accents

 Most minimalist rooms go for brighter colours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with darker colours if that's your preference! Here’s an example:




Anything And Everything

Remember that even in the pursuit of a specific style that you should love every bit of  your room. Don’t be afraid to add in anything else (like this hanging seat)!


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