Window Coverings

Our window covering can be customized . Choose from any kind of fabric, design or color. we can even recommend the kind of covering for your window that will help compliment your guest room decor.

The guest room decorating design is a key business strategy and is what sets you apart from your competitors. The service and product quality is what impresses your clients and keep them coming back for more. A practical design for longevity and product durability is what sets your profitability. Having an in-house decorating design team, and in-house manufacturer enables us to control the quality, deliver the most cost-effective, innovative and practical decorative design solutions for your property. We also provide customized product solutions to follow your own design and incorporate branding that can be carried across a number of properties.


Customized drapery to compliment your room! Choose from any sort of fabric, material, style and color to help build your perfect room.

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BLACK OUT DRAPERY Window Covering | HYC Design
Cornice Window Covering | HYC Design


A cornice is a way to finish off your window treatment. They can be used to hide the treatment or simply, finish the look to perfect the room! They come in various styles, fabrics and colours. Just contact us for more information!

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Roller shades

Customized from fabric, material, style and color. Here are a few options that could help you start thinking of the perfect roller shades for your room.

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Roller Shades Window Covering | HYC Design
Sheer Drapery Window Covering | HYC Design

Sheer drapery

Sheer window coverings leave your room with a soft finish! Perfect for anyone wanting a breathable and relaxing room. Contact us to get more information and even a free consultation as to what type of sheer window covering will perfect your room!

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The valance is another type of topping off your window treatment for drapery only at the top. Valances can be installed with a curtain, drape rod or even stapled to the back board.

This window covering always leaves a beautiful finish and we can help you find what type of style you are looking for to perfect your room!

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Valance Window Covering | HYC Design