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Chic Home Interior Design and Decor Ideas Inspired by Hotels

Dreaming about your next vacation. It’s almost sacrilege to actually think of one in the times we are in. But what if you could get "the feels" without actually "going out"? What if you could get your bed to feel like hotel style bedding? Your bath feels and looks like you are living in the lap of luxury?

Well, here are a few pointers on how to make your home pop-hotel style.

 Amazing Bed Linen

The easiest way to make your bedroom feel like a resort in itself is to get the right bed linen.

Get a set of white bedsheets and pillowcases. The colour white is amazing with any bedroom décor and elevates the space, making it so much more serene and calm (beach villa vibes). Now sheets. Let’s talk about them. The most important quality of bed sheets is the type of yarn (base) used in them and the thread count when producing them. Some good fabric hotel bedsheets to choose from are satin and cotton polyester blends. They have a great skin feel and are ultra-smooth.

Pair them with a great duvet or velour fleece blanket. Duvets come in a number of fabrics and skin feels. A truly luxurious one would be something with great texture and warmth, like a down duvet with a silk cover. It feels great on the skin and makes for the best snuggle.


What spells ambience better than light? Light has this way of making even the most mundane situations look better. A great tip for the bedroom is to add soft, warm light. Hotels use bedside table lamps to create that warm, cozy feeling. Try playing with the wattage of the lamps at home and with soft colours (maybe even pink). Similar lamps on either side of the bed are the norm, but don’t feel afraid to mix it up with different styles. After all, there is a right side and a wrong side when you get off the bed.

In the washroom, do the opposite. Try some bright lights. They make your face pop every time you look at the mirror. A great idea is to use an LED mirror. They have LED lights in them that can be controlled for brightness as well as auto dimming capabilities. FANCY is what you’re thinking now. Who needs a hotel?


Well, you don’t need one until you actually have it. Luxury hotel Bathrobes are a great way to make you feel that indulgent vibe. They are available in a myriad of fabrics, from microfibre to plush coral fleece. Different types of fabrics cater to the skin feel (that plush feeling), weight, warmth and ease of washing. Choose one that suits your style and get the best crossover from bath to bed.

Wall Art

Controversial is the word we hear you say. Some may say that wall art needs to be something personal and meaningful. And we agree with them. But when you really don’t have any, you must remember that you are looking for something that would probably be the last thing you see before sleeping and the first thing when you get up. A great idea would be to try something that’s nature-inspired. Get a landscape painting. Lots of hotels have them as they are very emotive in nature (see the word play their landscape-nature). A good painting actually creates great imagination and emotions that are really calming either at the end or beginning of a day.

So, actually, it’s not all that hard to get your interior design ideas to fruition. Try these and you’ll soon find yourself not missing that hotel break too much. But who are we kidding, a vacation is more than a hotel stay, but we hope these tips suffice for the time being.

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