Modern Desk Lamp with 2 USB Ports & 2 Power Outlets

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Do you want your hotel rooms to have perfect lighting? Well our lamps are one of the best and have a unique feature of USB and Power Outlets! Guests can charge their devices while also lighting up the room at the same time. Each lamp also includes on/off switch for easy use. 

Additional Information

With the lamps modern aesthetic looks as well, it has a lot to posses for a lamp, along with the USB and Power Outlets, and with the many styles we have to feature. HYC Design surely has the right purchase if your looking to pick up a lamp with style and great performance in the Modern Lamp.

HYC Design designed this lamp to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the robe for. Whether it's for Hotels, Airbnbs, Cottages, spas, or even for your own house, the Classic Lamp will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need. This product is recommended mostly for Airbnb/home use or for hotel stock.

HYC Design makes sure all of it's products are up to hotel standards to assure maximum customer satisfaction for whatever product you may choose to purchase, such as the Classic Lamp.

Get this product while it is in stock, with sales moving very quickly with the Classic Lamp. Purchases are also available per unit or per 10 units.


• On and off switch
• Has a power outlet and USB port


Airbnb & Home
Create neutral lighting throughout your home with this decorative lamp. Perfect to use when watching movies or lounging at night.

Place these lamps on the beside tables of the bed. This allows guests to dim the lights at night to create a relaxing vibe.

Product Care

• Turn off when not in use

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