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Vion Tight Top Mattress

Vion Tight Top Mattress


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Experience a night of perfect rest on the Vion Tight Top Mattress from our Luxury Collection. Built by hand in Canada, the Vion mattress has been meticulously designed for medium comfort. Its DS Signature Double Lumbar Support, 360° ultra-high-density foam encasement, and double-tempered 13-gauge pocket coil provide excellent body support. The mattress features 1.5" Soy Bio Medium Density Foam and 1" Ultra Soft High-Grade Visco Foam for an optimal sleep environment. The natural corn husk fabric cover adds a touch of eco-friendly luxury.


  • Available Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, King
  • Coil Count Varies by Size (510 - 1024)
  • Tight Top Mattress Style
  • DS Signature Double Lumbar Support
  • 360° Ultra High-Density Foam Encasement
  • 9" Double Tempered 13 Gauge Pocket Coil
  • 1.5" Soy Bio Medium Density Foam
  • 1" Ultra Soft High-Grade Visco Foam
  • 44oz Temperature Regulating Hollow Fill Fiber
  • Natural Corn Husk Fabric Cover
  • 12" Height
  • 10-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
  • Medium Comfort Rating
  • 4 Heavy Duty Handles
  • Hand Built in Canada


Hospitality: The Vion Tight Top Mattress is an excellent option for hospitality establishments, including hotels and Airbnbs. It offers superior comfort, excellent body support, and a sense of luxury that can significantly enhance your guests' overnight experience.

Retail/Household: The Vion Tight Top Mattress is also suitable for residential use. Its medium comfort level and high-quality construction make it a fantastic addition to any home. It is perfect for sleepers who desire a balance between softness and support.

Product Care

Storage and Installation: Your mattress arrives as a Bed-in-Box. Open the package in a spacious room and allow the mattress to expand before use.

Maintenance: To maintain even wear, rotate the mattress head-to-toe every two months.

Cleaning: Spot clean with a damp cloth for minor stains. Consider professional cleaning for significant stains.

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