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This hand pushed trolley is great when it comes to carrying larger luggage. This cart has a barrier build in at the front to help prevent any luggage from sliding out when being pushed. The barrier also helps when you stack luggage on top of each other as it helps to keep the base balanced and in place. Made with Stainless Steel, the cart is rust resistant and durable. It also contains a grey bumper around the base to help prevent scratches and scrapes against the walls or any other equipment/furniture. The carpet color can be changed as part of the custom order. 

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Additional Information

Platform luggage trolleys, also known as baggage carts or baggage trolleys, are wheeled devices used to transport luggage, baggage, or cargo within an airport, train station, bus terminal, or other transportation hub. It is typically made up of a flat platform with raised sides to prevent luggage from falling off and four wheels for mobility.

Platform luggage trolleys are available in a range of sizes and designs, ranging from small hand-held carts for personal use to larger ones used by airport ground crews to load and unload cargo from planes. Some trolleys have a folding mechanism that allows them to be stored easily when not in use, whereas others are designed to be stacked together for more efficient storage.Mix and match various cone size


Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver, Chrome, Gold, Red, Black, Grey, Burgundy
Size: 90x60x88 cm 105x61x88 cm


Our Luggage trolley is used to carry multiple luggage's from one place to another in one go.

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