Deluxe Collection Pillowcases With Satin Stripes (250/300 Thread Count Fabric)

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Upgrade your hotel bed with our DELUXE pillowcases. The high-quality pillowcases give your hotel guests a restful night’s sleep and make your customer satisfied. With their soft material and unique design, they will make your guest feel right at home. So don’t overlook the pillowcases since they do make a difference. 

Featuring in different sizes, you will not be disappointed when it comes to having a variety of options. The Striped Pattern Deluxe Pillowcases can be purchased in Queen (1cm), King (1cm), and Queen (4mm) sizes. Purchases are also being available per unit, per dozen (12 Pieces), or per box (72 Pieces).

Additional Information

These pillowcases made with the polyester/cotton mixture, not only do these cases help protect your pillows while you sleep, they are also very soft with the material used to make them, ensuring you will have a good night's sleep. Also coming with the aesthetically appealing appearance with the striped patterns, this pillow has everything you would want to perfection.

HYC Design designed the pillowcases to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the pillowcase for. Whether it's for Hotels, Airbnbs, Cottages, or even for your own house, the Striped Pattern Deluxe Pillowcases will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need. This product is recommended mostly for Airbnb/home use or for hotel stock.

Get this product while it is in stock, with sales moving very quickly with the Striped Pattern Deluxe Pillowcases.


Colour: White
Size: Queen/King
Material: 250 Thread Count White Striped Single Pick, Percale
Fabric: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
Use: Hospitality / Motel / Hotel
4mm/1cm satin stripe


Protect your pillows no matter which pillow size it is. Our polyester and cotton pillowcases are soft and ensure a good night's sleep.

Product Care

• Machine wash: gentle cycle
• low heat
• Dry cleaning is recommended

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very smooth sheets

I am happy with my purchase from HYC Design. It has been a few years now we just ordered a new set recently.