Stainless Steel Bellman Luggage Trolley - 1pc

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Easily transport luggage with this handy trolley. Made with stainless steel, the Bellman Luggage Trolley has grey bumpers on the sides of the platform to help avoid any scratches on walls, or other equipment. It includes a bar at the top to help hold any jacket/clothing, or umbrellas customers may be carrying on them. The platform comes in up to 5 different platforms depending on the style you choose. Comes in gold plated Stainless Steel or silver plated Stainless Steel.

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Additional Information

A luggage cart, also known as a stainless steel Bellman luggage trolley, is a type of cart used to transport luggage, bags, and other items in hotels, airports, and other settings. It is usually made of stainless steel and has two or more tiers to hold the luggage. The trolley may also include a handlebar for manoeuvring and four wheels for mobility.

Bellman luggage trolleys are intended to help guests move their luggage from one location to another, such as from their car to their hotel room or from the hotel lobby to their taxi. They are most commonly found in hotels, but they are also found in airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs.


Colours: Full Stainless Steel, Red, Black, Grey, Burgundy
Material: Gold, Silver
Size: 105x61x190 cm 100x50x178 cm 105x61x180 cm 105x61x200 cm 105x61x182 cm


Made for carrying multiple luggage's from one place to another in one go.

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