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This Shawl Bathrobe is a classic, bringing you fashion and comfort at the same time. Whether it's early morning, movie night, or after a long working day, this robe is versatile for all occasions allowing you to feel relaxed no matter what. Great for year-round usage. It wraps around your body putting you at ease.

Featuring in different colors, you will not be disappointed when it comes to having a variety of choices. The Shawl Bathrobe can be purchased as gold, white, or blue. Purchases are also being available per unit or as a set of 12.

Additional Information

With the Shawl Bathrobe being 100% cotton also, it provides a lot of special features, helping provide good comfort, flexibility, and durability. Having all of these features in the Bathrobe itself, you will not be disappointed for whatever use you may need it for.

This Shawl Bathrobe is perfect for anyone of any size as we designed the robe to fit anyone who decides to wear it, leaving all the worries of sizing behind. Making the robe unisex, this robe is designed for any person of any size and gender. With the robe coming with 2 pockets, it is very convenient for you to leave whatever necessities you would want to leave there, whether it's your phone, car keys, or whatever else you may need on you.

HYC Design designed this robe to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, thinking about all possible scenarios customers would need the use of the robe for. Whether it's for showers, baths, swimming, spas, or even lounging around the house, the Shawl Bathrobe will be perfect for whatever uses that fits your need. This product is recommended mostly for Airbnb/home use or for hotel stock.


• One size fits all
• Colour: White
• Material: 100% Cotton
• Belt + 2 pockets
• Unisex
• 45-48" long
• Chest size is 23.5"
• Sleeve length is 16-21"
• Armhole is 11"
• Cuff is 8.7"
• Pockets are 7" x 8"
• 71" belt


The perfect antidote for anxiety and stress throughout the week. Great after baths, swimming, or just lounging around the house. The large pockets allow you keep your essentials handy, like your keys, wallet, or phone.

Get the full spa experience and lounge around in our bathrobes in your hotel room. Great for after a shower or bath.

Product Care

• Machine wash in warm water with like colours
• Tumble dry low heat
• Take off the belt from the bathrobe before washing it
• Avoid using bleach
• Wash the bathrobe with the same colour towels, separately from other clothing
• Add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse water to remove any detergent build-up and lint

Custom Order

Interested in a custom order? Fill out our Custom Order Form and e-mail it to and we will help customize your order to your specifications!

You can also contact us at (416)-661-0606 and our team will assist you right away.

Customer Reviews

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Indeed the year of Bathrobe

That makes my day to day life more fun and enjoyable. This is the perfect robe.

Lounger in chief
Year of the robe & jammies

This is the year of pyjamas, robes and loungewear. You might as well staycation at home in comfort in this waffly, light robe. Not too long, not too short, light but not cheap material it seems like good quality. Good, tracked delivery too. Wear it, say hi to your neighbours from a distance and make them envious of your lounge style!


This robe is actually awesome it isn't too heavy for a robe it is actually very light! It is perfect for coming right out of the shower or heading to bed in! This can help you have your me time in something that your comfortable in and looks amazing!

Lina G.
Absolutely great purchase

Absolutely great purchase. Great price for a great product. Delivery was fast

Overall Great Experience

Very fast shipment and delivery. The quality of their products are very good!