Hospitality Uniforms 

Each line of hotel employees has a uniform that may be purchased through HYC Design. We offer a wide range of things, such as different types of shirts, pants, aprons, coats, and more! With the advantages of bulk purchasing, we can guarantee that your staff will be properly attired at a reasonable price.

Front Desk Uniform (W/M)




Front Desk Uniform (W/M) : At HYC Design we supply both women's and men's front desk uniforms to keep your staff stylish. These are essential for independent hotels that want to give off a positive impression. We have uniforms that range in all sizes and colours to suit any of your needs.

F&B : Want a more professional look to your hotel staff uniforms? You're in luck because at HYC Design we sell exactly that! We supply button ups, dress pants, pencil skirts, vests, and more.

Housekeeping : Get all the cleaning necessities at HYC design to provide your housekeeping workers with the proper tools and equipment. We offer uniforms that satisfy these needs for comfort, style, and safety.

Engineering : HYC Design only provides uniforms of the highest of quality. We offer hotel staff shirts and pants to give your staff the most comfort while still having a sleek design.