Ideal Shower Curtains for you

Luxurious Shower Curtains: Materials, Designs, and Tips for Your Perfect Bathroom Upgrade

Every bathroom has a tiled floor or bathtub that will require a shower curtain to prevent water from going all over the floor, with additional privacy from the rest of the bathroom. Even bathrooms with shower cabinets require a luxury shower curtain for privacy, and for aesthetics. Let’s discuss the different styles and materials and find what shower curtain suits your needs.


When it comes to the material on your luxurious shower curtain, moisture is something you want to account for, so these are the best materials for your shower curtain. The best material for shower curtains are: 

  • Cotton 
  • Vinyl
  • Microfiber


Cotton is the ideal material for homeowners as it provides an edgier and modern touch to bathrooms, it’s also easier to clean and is very durable and can last for a long time. Cotton materials are also beneficial if you are trying to experiment with different patterns, designs, and colours. Be careful as cotton is highly absorbent and will soak up most of the moisture, most likely causing mould and mildew. Always consider washing the curtain regularly to prevent mould on the curtain.

Cotton shower curtains can be designed differently

Cotton shower curtain


If you aren’t willing to wash your shower curtains on a weekly basis, vinyl is the best alternative. It is an extremely low-maintenance fabric, with its synthetic manufacturing making it water-resistant. It’s as easy as soaking in water and drying off with a spare rag. You can match your elegant shower curtains to your bathroom’s décor and colour scheme easily with vinyl being available in a variety of patterns, colours, and designs.

Vinyl Shower curtains can be transparent and are thin, making them lightweight  

Vinyl Shower curtain



Also known as polyester, microfibre is heavier than vinyl but is just as water-resistant, the material gets wet, but the water evaporates quickly, keeping mould and mildew away. Microfibre shower curtains have magnets or weights attached at the bottom, which makes the curtain good for any showers where the water pressure is high and can blow the curtains away, potentially wetting the area around the shower. The microfibre shower curtain is easy to wash as you can throw it into the washer occasionally and you can even wash it by hand.

When purchasing this curtain, make sure to check if your curtain rod can support the weight of the curtain and is durable.

Absorbs more and evaporates more water

Microfibre shower curtain

Shower Curtain Designs

Since most shower curtains are also aesthetically pleasing, they differ in terms of designs and styles as well. Some popular shower curtain designs include:

  • Hookless
  • Decorative
  • Extra-wide


Most shower curtains have small grommets that help attach loops and or hooks to attach onto the shower curtain. With hookless shower curtains, they don’t have any hooks or rings to attach to the shower. Instead, they have large holes at the upper rim, held in place using grommets. You can pass the curtain directly into the rod, one hole at a time, without the need for loops or hooks. Hookless curtains can be found in all three of the fabrics explained above.


If you want to spice up your washroom and give it a touch of luxury? Decorative shower curtains contain high-quality materials like cotton and silk. When choosing a decorative shower curtain, you want to need to add a lining of polyester so the fancy fabrics do not get wet or stained by water. Beige LF pattern This isn't the ideal shower curtain but is preferred for aesthetic over functionality.


This shower curtain is ideally used for freestanding tubs. This provides extra privacy as it completely surrounds the tub. Using more than two parts of the same curtain doesn’t offer the same sense of privacy, with too many seams and breaks between the drapes. This is where extra-wide shower curtains come in.


    Now you know all about the various types of shower curtains available in the market as well as how to buy the right curtain for your bathroom. Have fun searching for a new and potentially stylish shower curtain for your bathroom!

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