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3 Simple and Affordable Ways to Transform Your Guest Bathroom into a Modern Oasis

As the new year comes, the trend and tastes changing, and you might be thinking about renovating and upgrading your hotel room. Most of the time people focus on the room but the bathroom is also very important. We want your customers to be comfortable everywhere and satisfied with the quality of the services. For that reason, we gathered 3 simple ways to modernize your guest bathroom, enhance your guest satisfaction and make their stay unforgettable.


Change and upgrade the bathroom first necessities

Are you looking for some change for the first year? Start with upgrading your old towels with new ones. Get the whole set of bath linen in case your customer needs to use different towels for their hair, hands, and body. Add extra towels because our goal is to answer their needs before they need it.
Invest in a new hotel shower curtain, look for a variety of hook less shower curtains that can fit your requirements that are lightweight, easy to install, and durable.


Add things that your guest wouldn’t think about but will love to use like bathrobes and their matching slippers. Imagine them getting out of the shower and wanting to stay and relax inside without putting their clothes on, they will love a warm and cozy bathrobe that you usually find when you go for a chill day in a spa.  


Add a modern and stylish design


Bring that elegant and modern style to the bathroom. We want your guest to be amazed even just to take a quick shower.  Upgrade your classic mirror with a Led Mirror perfect to bring lighter, do your makeup or skincare routine, or just take a cute picture to post on Instagram.




Get accessories that will make your guest life easier like racks to put their towels on or extra clothes that they would bring in the bathroom.  Some people may forget to place a trash can in the bathroom but it’s a must.


Must have amenities

Having amenities is a must if you want to show your customer that you care and also perfect for the sensory experience and sensorial marketing.

Look for a variety of amenities packages containing soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a personal care kit with cotton pieces. It’s perfect in case your customers run out of products or forgot their own. Avoid stress and enhance their satisfaction since they will not have to go to the closest grocery store to get some.

To add elegance and that modern style you can get amenities dispensers and holders to hold your bathroom cleaning material.



It’s now time to invest in good quality and modern products to upgrade your bathroom and enhance your customer satisfaction. A customer satisfied is a customer that will most likely come back and bring other customers. We hope that this guide helped you and that you now have clearer ideas for your new bathroom.


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