How to Choose Long Lasting Hotel Towels?

Ultimate Guide to Selecting Durable Towels for Your Hotel: Tips and Factors to Consider

How to choose long lasting hotel towels?

Towels are always an important topic for hotels and homes. Whether your guests are only spending the night or enjoying their vacation, you will make sure they feel as comfortable as at home with the luxury of quality hotel towels. It is hard to beat the feeling of getting straight into a soft, warm, cozy towel after a shower.

Tips for identifying a good quality towel

The feeling of touch is the most important factor in choosing towels. No one wants to end up with a rough feeling on their skin when they use a towel. 100% cotton towels are the best choice since they are both soft and absorbent, and they tend to get softer and fluffier after washing. For better results, a 100% combed cotton hand towel gives you not only a soft feeling, but with shorter fibers removed, the towel becomes more durable and can prevent future pilling.

Depending on the budget, there are various options to choose from. If budget is an issue, then towels with a cotton and polyester blend are a wise choice. This kind of material provides both soft touch and durability at an affordable price. 

The weight of towel matters

The weight of a towel is the major factor that determines the thickness and absorbency of a towel. The weight of a towel is measured by GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. The more weight, the thicker and more absorbable a towel will be. Usually, 300-400 GSM is considered a lightweight towel, 400-600 GSM is a medium weight towel and more than 600 GSM is a heavy weight towel. Choosing the weight that fits your needs is the main point. Consider how often the towel will be used and washed. A lightweight towel will dry in a short period of time. A heavy weight towel will feel thick and durable but takes more time to dry.

Visual appeal also matters

After considering the comfort of the towel, we move to the next step – visual appeal. A good quality towel should also look good enough that you want to wrap it around yourself in the first place. Make sure the edges of the towel have close and secure stitching, which prevents fraying and gives you peace of mind that quality craftsmanship has gone into its manufacture. When talking about color, white should be the most popular color, since the white color looks clean and bright, which gives customers a comfortable feeling. Not to mention the amazing colours that are used in Spas and at pools that lend that all important "pop" 


Tips for caring the towel

For a long-lasting result, caring for the towel is very important. Here are tips on how to care for your towels.

  • Make sure to wash all towels with detergent before use, as this prevents thread pulling.
  • Wash different colors of towels separately.
  • Do not use more than your detergent manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent. Too much detergent can leave your towels feeling rough and stiff.
  • Shake the towels before you put them in the washing machine, as this will allow the detergent to sink in.
  • Wash your towels in their own load, cold or warm, independent of clothing or linens.
  • Skip softeners, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets can break down the cotton fibers more quickly.
  • Do not over-dry the towels and use low heat to dry them, as it can lead to a dull, grey appearance.
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