Air Quality and Air Purifier Use in Hotel

Breathing Easy: Improving Hotel Air Quality with Air Purifiers

The clean, elegant, and comfortable hotel is always the highlight of the travels. Everyone loves staying in a great hotel and enjoying the pool, fitness center, lounge, and restaurant. However, even the cleanest hotels can have lingering air quality issues, which is a significant concern for both guests and hoteliers, especially during the pandemic. Due to the threat from covid-19,  an increasing number of travelers raise the attention on air quality when they choose the hotels. The cleanness and freshness of the air are significant, especially for people who have respiratory conditions, such as asthma, allergies, or COPD. 

Main factors cause poor air quality in hotel   

The poor air quality in the hotel mainly sources from four factors: bacteria, mold, dust mites, and lack of ventilation.

The first is bacteria, also the most serious one, which can cause illness and trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Mold is another common problem in hotels. Mold can become embedded in the hotel's walls if not properly cleaned and sanitized, releasing spores that cause significant breathing problems for hotel guests.

Dust mites can be found in carpets, pillows, and mattresses, and they prefer areas with a high concentration of human dander. 

The last big issue for most hotel rooms is they are lack ventilation. Some of the rooms in the hotel do not have windows. Because you can't open the windows in some cases, the only air you get is from the air conditioning system. 

Air Purifiers used in hotel

In order to provide your guests clean and fresh air, it is essential to have air purifiers in the room. Depending on different room sizes and needs, there are various choices of air purifiers to use.


For individual rooms:

 Air purifier for hotel supply

Air Purifier

Individual room air-purification requirements are similar to those of residential homes. All you need is a powerful purifier that can continuously filter and clean the air while making less noise and fitting into a small, inconspicuous space.

The care kit mid-size room air purifier and The care kit large room air purifier are the best choices for individual rooms. With multi-layer filtration, they ensure the air in the room is fresh, clean, and natural. The integrated filter effectively removes bacteria, pollen, dust, formaldehyde, PM 2.5, and other harmful substances. They are best for allergies and sensitive people and provide clean and fresh air all the time. With an HD touch screen, you can easily control and monitor the air quality in the room. The large area of wind intake makes the air purification process more efficient. The mid-size room air purifier is perfect for a room up to 50 square meters, and the large room air purifiers are ideal for rooms up to 60 square meters. They have a light profile that fits comfortably into many different areas, creating better purification without taking too much space. Another cool thing is you never have to worry about the noise during the night; just simply turn on sleep mode, and the noise reduces to 32dB, which will never disturb your sleep.

For large areas:

 Air purifier for hotel supplyAir purifier for hotel supply

If your hotel has a large room, such as a banquet hall, dining area, or lounge, you'll need a more robust, larger, and more powerful air purifier to ensure good air quality.

The Care Kit Professional grade air purifier fit all your needs and expectations. They are powerful and perfect for a large area such as a lounge, dining room, and fitness center. They provide 360-degree purification, which directly kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. With the powerful air purification ability, they can keep the air in the room fresh and pure all the time. They are effective up to 90 square meters, which are perfect for most of the indoor area. Click here.



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