3 Things You Need to Know When Designing a Hotel Room

Key Considerations for a Comfortable and Memorable Guest Experience

When designing a hotel room, there are three essential elements to consider. This includes matching color schemes, budgeting, and utilizing furniture. These ideas are vital when creating a comfortable and captivating hotel atmosphere. A pleasurable hotel environment attracts more customers, higher ratings, and satisfied guests. When considering these three ideas, you can achieve a memorable experience for your customers.


Matching the Color Scheme

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Color schemes are important when establishing a neat and well-kept appearance. This will prevent your hotel room from seeming tacky and ordinary. Utilizing a color scheme plays a large role in the overall design because too much use of the same shade appears boring. However, the use of too many different colors will portray a disorganized and chaotic space. 

Ideally, you should use a variety of shades from the same color or colors that complement each other. Complementary colors work well because of their contrast. It is best to refer to the color wheel when matching your theme because it shows a variety of different shades as well as which colors go well together. When choosing colors you want to incorporate into the hotel room, pick a maximum of two to three colors.

In addition, the colors of your furniture pull the overall theme together. Consider the smaller details in the hotel room and try to implement your color scheme into these objects. For example, when designing a blue-themed room, choose a base color such as white. Then implement different shades of blue into the smaller items such as curtains, pillows, wall décor, vases, etc. that are made for hotel supply.


Designing on a Budget

When designing on a budget, you start off by choosing your main focus of the room. This could include the bed or room décor. The main focus is what you want your guests to pay the most attention to. A bed is a great example because not only is it the centerpiece of the room, the guests will use it every single night. Room décor attracts the attention of the guests and sets the mood. Choosing room décor as your main focus will pull the room together.budget

If your main focus is the bed, choosing high-quality bed sheets will impact the guests' quality of sleep by providing additional comfort. Bed sheets with a higher thread count are typically better because they are softer. Putting more money into your priorities allows you to spend on a budget while preventing you from focusing on unnecessary items.

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Furniture is Essential


To create a comfortable environment, choosing the correct hotel supply furniture is significant. Furniture in a hotel is not only used for its design but contributes to the relaxation and functionality of its users. Guests need a workspace to perform their own daily responsibilities, to which the bed is not ideal. A table and chairs are convenient to complete a variety of tasks due to their flat and hard surface. Chairs can be used for lounging while watching television, reading, etc. Overall, guests prefer a hotel room that can be used for tasks other than sleeping.

On top of comfort, furniture creates visual appeal in the room. Like mentioned before, furniture can be used to contribute to your color scheme. Placing a blue chair in a blue-themed room ties the entire color scheme together. Furthermore, adding unique furniture can make a room stand out. It is important to choose furniture that correlates with the rest of the room. For instance, a modern-themed hotel room typically includes black, white and grey accents. Minimalistic designs and simplicity adds to the modernity of the hotel room. On the other hand, medieval-themed rooms include a variety of designs and extravagant furniture. 



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