Make your Bed like a Heavenly-Hotel-Bed

Make your Bed like a Heavenly-Hotel-Bed

After a busy and tiring day at work, everyone is looking for a restful night. A cozy place to fall asleep at night is essential for better sleep. Here are some tips on how to make your bed feel like a heavenly hotel bed.

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Start with cozy pillows and duvet

A comfortable pillow is the foundation of high-quality sleep. No matter if you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, a good-quality pillow will always keep you feeling comfortable during sleep time.

Make sure to choose pillows that are comfortable, lightweight, highly durable, and lump-resistant. This is a good example of a high-quality pillow. For high-quality sleep, a cozy duvet is also important. A duvet made of mulberry silk is the best choice. The breathability and heat insulating from over a thousand silk layers in the duvet keep you warm at night, and its breathable ability keeps moisture in control to avoid overheating overnight. This kind of duvet works perfectly for all seasons. It will give you a better sleep.

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Bed sheets matters

Bed sheets matter because that’s what touches your skin. Soft and comfortable bed sheets give you a feeling of relaxation and peace during the night. When choosing bed sheets, the thread count is a factor you are looking for. In general, the higher the better. But the number of plies can impact the final thread count. A single-ply is the ideal choice and allows for better airflow. Threads with multiple plies make for thicker sheets and may add to your discomfort. Normally, a high-quality 300 thread count single ply bed sheet is great for daily use.

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The weight of duvet

Although the thick and heavy duvet makes you feel very warm in winter, it can restrict your freedom of movement when you sleep. The best choice of a duvet is light or medium weight. The medium-weight gives you both warmth and freedom. Here is an example of a medium-weight duvet.

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Smooth wrinkles with a clothing steamer

If you want your bed to look as crisp as a hotel bed, use a clothing steamer to smooth out the parts of the sheets and bedding that you can see. Smoothing all the wrinkles will make your bed look very clean and tidy. Using a clothing steamer might not be as perfect as ironing, but the bedding won’t look rumpled.

Decoration cannot be overlooked

Decoration can not be overlooked

A good bedroom decoration style will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The surroundings of your bed can sometimes easily affect your emotions. Choose the bed decor you like. It will make you feel better, especially when you are tired. We all love beautiful things. We provide customization services for bed decorations. You can design your bed to suit your style. This is a great way to treat yourself to a comfortable bed.